...to my website!  I would like to present my handcrafted custom jewelry, as well as my paintings and objects.  But first of all, let me introduce myself.  My name is Sabine Möller and I chose the name "bunterhund-design" as my label.  I was born in Hanau, Germany, which is the birthplace of the famous Grimm's Fairytales, and also the European centre of gold- and silver-smithy. My grandfather was a silversmith, and he had a great influence on me, strongly supporting my talents.

My collection contains breathtaking necklaces and chains of cool elegance, approximately 1.60 meters (5 ft) long. These so-called "scarf-colliers" can be worn wound once or more times around the neck. I also have charming "memory bracelets" which are about 5 cm (2 inches) wide, short colliers, chokers, cute necklaces for young ladies and original funny "Wiesn-colliers" for the "Oktoberfest" in Munich, Bavaria. The materials I use include a variety of semi-precious stones, such as jade, onyx, rose quartz, amazonite, amethyst and serpentine, as well as freshwater pearls, natural amber, Swarowkski crystals, Murano-glass beads, ancient buttons, pewter castings, special wood, horn, bone synthetic resin, plastic, and much more. Ancient cultures say that the materials, especially the stones, represent and symbolise spiritual powers such as courage, strength and wisdom, and they still carry a significance in the present day and age.           

With my jewelry, each piece a unique example, I would like to enchant women and invite them to escape from everyday reality to fairytale worlds far away.  My paintings, objects, and collages, with their strong colours, interesting structures and print-pieces, speak their own language. They express emotions and carry simple messages.  They also contain varied materials inspired by nature, such as sand or branches.  I even use wrapping and packaging waste, like old newspapers or corrugated cardboard. Take a look!

Thank you so much for joining me on my website.  I hope I have raised your interest.  If you want to learn more about my products, please feel free to contact me at


Sabine Moeller